We need caring. We need love
We need relations. We need happiness
We need many like this.

But we also need somewhere private.
To be relaxed,
To be refreshed,
To be rejuvenated,
To be replenished,
To be revived
And more over
to be reinvented.
It happens only when we are in a place exactly how
we want it, somewhere to nourish body and soul.
Away from the hectic daily life. It felt in the
effervescence of emotions that bubble up in our mind
when we are in a bathroom of our own.

If we happen to hear a mellifluous singing in our
house, it cannot ever be kitchen music; it cannot be
bedroom music. It can be, has to be and invariably is
a bathroom music.

Our thoughts surpass all our achievements,
branding us anew.
There is nothing more suitable to be re invented
by ourselves beyond the ultimate comfort
that awaits us in Kriztle Bathrooms.